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General Rules

  • Each team can have a maximum of four (4) anglers.
  • All participants must wear a Marine Park Bracelet (included in registration) while participating in the tournament. Marine Park Passports are also accepted.
  • Fishing Licenses are required and can be purchased online or on site at the marina before the tournament.
  • All fish must be caught on a hook and line in a conventional sporting manner.
  • Passing the rod among the four anglers on the team is allowed.
  • Prize and Jackpot winners will be disqualified if they do not appear in the drone photos that will be taken at the time of the gunshot.
  • Lines out is at or before 5:00:00 PM.
  • Team Boats must be in the Harbor–past the Lighthouse at the end of the jetty–at or before 6:00:00 PM.
  • Boats that pass the Lighthouse at the end of the jetty at 6:00:01 PM or later will be disqualified. The Control Clock will be operated by the Judges’ Panel. The Judges will have final say as to whether or not the boat is disqualified.
  • Should any fishing days be canceled, the other fishing day that is fished per the original schedule will constitute a tournament. No additional fishing days will be added to the tournament due to the cancelation of any fishing day.
  • If for any reasons beyond the control of the tournament organizers, the tournament has to be canceled the portion of entry fees and optional jackpot monies that were allocated for cash awards will be refunded to the team minus the 15% admin fee. Teams may choose to roll their refund amount to the next years tournament.